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Selena Gomez Combined Her Barbie Nails With Another Trend, and It Works

Why embrace one manicure trend when you can have two? Selena Gomez shows us how to do it.
Selena Gomez
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Selena Gomez just debuted her version of Barbie nails, and we love it. With the Barbie movie finally hitting theaters this week, the hype around everything that has to do with the doll has never been higher. And the color pink has never been trendier. Admittedly, we thought we'd had our fill of the color, so it was a happy surprise when Selena Gomez presented a new take on the Barbie trend.

On Instagram, the actor and singer revealed a look that can only be described as Barbie nails 2.0. And with this current manicure, she is combining several nail trends at once. Ingenious! To achieve this look, Gomez opted for a bright bubblegum pink nail polish color, which fits perfectly into the Barbie nails trend. But she gives it her own twist in the length and nail shape, both of which are also on trend.


We're talking, of course, about the ballerina nail shape—something we haven't seen combined with Barbie nails much until now. What is the ballerina nail shape, you ask? Well, it was inspired by a ballet shoe in that the nail becomes discreetly narrower toward the top and is angular. Important: The corners are rounded so that the shape doesn't look too hard.

Behind Selena Gomez's nail design is celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik, who is also the expert responsible for Jennifer Lopez's manicures as of late. We're curious to see which star he'll be working on next.

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