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Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman Reportedly Broke Up Months Ago

Is that why we haven't seen her around?
Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman
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While her sister Gigi has been out and about (most notably, in an out of jail in the Caymans), Bella Hadid has been hard to spot lately, leading to (pretty much unfounded) pregnancy rumors and other speculation. But the truth is much simpler: She's getting over a breakup.

Together since possibly as far back as 2020, Hadid and ex-boyfriend Marc Kalman “were very in love, but the relationship ultimately ran its course and they decided to end things,” a source told Entertainment Tonight, adding that the split was in the spring. “Bella is a very nice person, but struggles with the pressures of fame. She has been trying to take care of herself since their split.”

The outlet also reports that the breakup came amid Hadid taking time to address her Lyme disease, saying that she's “on medical leave” and getting daily medical treatment. “Bella Hadid has been on medical leave for the past four months, and is in daily treatment for Lyme disease,” per ET. “Nine months ago, Bella decided she wanted to stop drinking, so she stopped. She has been sober for nine months and has never had an alcohol or drug problem. Bella is not in rehab.”

In her last non-promotional Instagram post, Hadid longed for a ride on her horse, posting a happy clip and writing, “Dreaming of this,” sort of a hint that she was unable to ride at the time.

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Here's hoping Bella Hadid can get back on the horse, literally and figuratively, soon! Bodies heal and so do hearts, so we're wishing you all the best, girl.